Augmented Reality Tsi Niwahsohkò:tens

Vintage Flowers, Botanical, Berries, Leaves, pink, orange, ivory, green

Augmented Reality Prints, Fashion & Accessories

Point your phones or tablets at this image when you see it on posters, fashion, accessories to hear Kanien’keha and see animations designed by MoniGarr.

Kanien’keha Augmented Reality experiences designed by MoniGarr for MoniGarr is inspired by the beauty of the Akwesasne Indian Reservation community where she is from, lives, works and plays. The lush forests, rolling hills, mighty river and sparkling streams have always been a source of inspiration for her artwork.

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Vintage Flowers, Botanical, Berries, Leaves, pink, orange, ivory, green

A-Line Dress with Augmented Reality

The woman is wearing a stunning A-line dress that fits her perfectly. The dress is made of high-quality fabric with a vintage floral design that is both elegant and intricate. The floral pattern on the dress is quite unique, with small details that make it stand out.

As people point their phones and tablets at the dress, augmented reality animations come to life, adding an extra layer of depth and beauty to the already lovely dress. The Mohawk Language audio can also be heard as part of the augmented reality experience, offering an opportunity to learn and appreciate the language.

The dress is sleeveless, with a high round neckline that accentuates the woman’s shoulders. The A-line cut flares out gently from the waist, providing a feminine and classic silhouette. The length of the dress is just above the knee, making it perfect for a variety of occasions and complimentary to contemporary leggings, jeans and ribbon skirts.

Overall, the combination of the vintage floral design, the augmented reality animations, and the Mohawk Language audio make this dress a truly unique and beautiful piece of fashion for anyone that chooses to Revive & Retain Kanien’keha dialects where they live, work and play.