MohawkLanguage.ca is for Kanien’kéha Revival & Retention for the benefit of Onkwehonwe people, projects and economies.


Revive & Retain Kanien’kéha dialects for the benefit of Kanien’kéhake, communities and Onkwehonwe.


Kanien’kéha (Mohawk Language) includes Eastern, Central and Western dialects spoken by human beings with homelands in northeast Americus Empire. We are individual human beings: some of us self-identify as Onkwehonwe or Kanien’kéhake or Mohawk or Haudenosaunee or St. Regis Indian or Native American or Iroquois and many other names based on a variety of personal, religious and political life experiences and beliefs.

It is respectful to ask each human being how we prefer to self-identify & communicate our being, cultures, beliefs and language dialects.

Kanien’kéhake refers to human beings and this is not a literal translation.

Content Licensing

Contact MoniGarr.com to discuss licensing options of our Kanien’kéha content and production of new Kanien’kéha content for your own projects (film, websites, animations, mobile apps, software, radio, tv, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, projection mapping, events, museums and more).


11 Saint Regis Rd #1095
Akwesasne Indian Reservation, NY 13655

MoniGarr is an artist based in Akwesasne Indian Reservation that is creating new Kanien’kéha digital art content for MohawkLanguage.ca