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We are accepting applications from prospective new team members to join us in building and maintaining our Kanien’kéha Revival & Retention solutions. All skills and backgrounds are considered from Kanien’kéha speaking, learning, teaching, marketing, finance, computer science, ai, animation, arts, philosophy…

For consideration, please send your info to us with this online form:

MoniGarr will contact you if your info looks like a good fit for our team. Some of the skills that are most helpful include:

  • Kanien’kéha, Iroquoian Dialects: speaking, reading, writing, teaching, learning,
  • Linguistics: low resource, polynomial ..
  • Computer & Software Engineering / Science: nlp, tts, vui, ui/ux, mobile, wearable, web, ai, agi, dl, ml, aiml, pos tagging, data model training & data prep
  • Arts: traditional, contemporary, multi, visual, audio, performance, weave, bead, sew, carve,
  • Subject Matter Experts (sme): any subject imaginable
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Industry Professionals
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Writers: grants , proposals, film, animation

Categories: 3D, AI, Animation, AR, Books, ChatBot, ML, Music, NLP, Photos, Videos, VR, Workshops, XRTags:


Software Architect 35+ years. Tech Trainer 30+ years. Tech Writer 30+ years. XR Producer / Artist 10+ years.
Oculus, Vive, iOS, Android, ARCore, ARKit, Unity3D, XCode, Android Studio,, FB SDK, Open-Source, Closed Source, AIBot API,