Screensavers: Tsi Niwahsohkò:tens

Ratiweras arrived to Akwesasne today and our power went out for a little while. So I made these new screensavers for the days when I’m doing Kanien’kéha voice exercises with ’Tsi Niwahsohkò:tens’ and want a quick visual cue to help me practice my own speaking.

Tsi Niwahsohkò:tens audio is on our website here at to help with Kanien’kéha voice practice. Use your own voice to say it over and over again at different speeds (super slow, over exagerated, fast) to gain confidence so that you can speak it out loud with fluent speakers who might have time to help you improve your pronuncation for the specific dialect that is spoken in your own community and families.

Right Click & Save these images to your laptop, computer, phone screensavers for your personal use. If you are a business of any kind, please contact / to commission new Kanien’kéha art and audio for your own production needs.

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