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The story of Eksa’:a, a curious child from the St. Regis Indian Reservation, is a tale of determination and the pursuit of knowledge with a friendly robot named Curious Red. Despite the challenges, Eksa’:a remains devoted to learning and expanding their understanding of the world. With a natural curiosity and a passion for science, Eksa’:a works hard to pursue their dreams to become a respected person. This is a story of overcoming adversity and following one’s passions.

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I (MoniGarr) will create a new post on for each new Curious Red episode to include some digital art with augmented reality to go along with each story.

I am writing more short stories to go along with the XR Experiences & Digital Art I produce, to help with Kanien’keha Revival and Retention efforts. One of the tactics that helps people hold onto their language; is to actually communicate with the language as much as possible. With low resource dialects such as Kanien’keha, we also have to do extra work to find work arounds, to debate, to write detailed proposals, to make extra time for meetings to negotiate & even fight for our language to be allowed in all the spaces we live, work and navigate in our own homelands.

Writing short English language stories that include Kanien’keha simple phrases and words is one of the ways we can continue to revive and retain Kanien’keha. Purchasing, liking, sharing links to Kanien’keha content and the content creators is a way to support projects that hire and compensate fluent Kanien’keha speakers to work on projects they enjoy working on too.

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