Part 1: Making of Mohawk Language XR

MoniGarr (founder of produces Mohawk Language XR content including animations for using a wide variety of techniques, software and equipment. This post will focus on one option known as Daz3D.

XR is an acronym for ‘extended reality’ and refers to 3D animations, virtual reality, augmented reality, spatial audio, camera filters, augmented reality art, augmented reality fashion and more. and include Kanienkeha (Mohawk Language) everywhere with XR; you can hire MoniGarr to collaborate with your team to produce new XR content for your own language revival & retention projects.

Daz3D is free for anyone to download and use. It provides 3D content producers with access to free & commercial content, animations and more. Some of the Kanienkeha speaking animated characters on are created with Daz3D. Download & try Daz3D.

Daz3D provides weekly and monthly 3D content freebies for anyone that downloads the software. They also provide a DAZ+ membership that gives a few more freebies, access to online training, extra price discounts and more.

MoniGarr designs custom characters faces & bodies within Daz3D using photogrammetry, face scanning, face morphing, aging morphing, body morphing and skin / makeup texturing addons. In 2019 – 2021, most of the hairstyles, makeup, wardrobe, accessories were also found within Daz3D content store. Depending on the character complexity; the process of designing a brand-new 3D character complete with rigging, hairstyle, makeup, wardrobe & accessories with Daz3D, is typically completed within one to two working days. We add much more time for designing custom hairstyles, wardrobe, accessories, environments outside of Daz3D when our project requires content that is very different from what is available to the general public.

Culturally relevant, respectful 3D content choices are very rare to find from the most popular & accessible 3D content providers. As a result, MoniGarr attended intensive full-time training to learn Maya, Mari, Modo, Substance 3D, Marmoset and more so they can now custom design culturally appropriate, respectful and relevant 3D wardrobes, hairstyles, characters, environments, textures and more without having to purchase the content from 3D content stores such as Daz3D. MoniGarr plans to make more culturally relevant & respectful Kanienkeha 3D content available in the Daz3D stores as soon as possible.

Daz3D is a great solution for lean language revival 3D production pipelines, even when a team does not want to use the content provided by Daz3D store. Designing brand new characters that are fully rigged for animation is quick and effective (after putting yourself through the technical training to know the process). Many of the 3D environments and feature addons are also super helpful for language revival & retention projects.

MoniGarr uses motion capture to sync Kanienkeha (Mohawk Language) audio with the animations of the speaker in real time. Daz3D puts everything together to produce animations such as these: Mohawk Language Video On Demand

You can schedule group and individual technical consultations / training from to figure out if Daz3D or something else is a decent solution for your own language revival and retention projects. Or just hire MoniGarr to work with your favorite fluent speakers to produce new Kanienkeha animations, films and more.

Mohawk Language Animation Blooper

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