Tech Training Indigenous Language Revivalists provides online and on-site in person tech demos, training and support for Indigenous Language Revivalists to learn how to leverage XR technologies (augmented reality posters & tiles, virtual reality, 3D animations, interactive films…) to increase memory retention, increase the speed of learning new words & phrases while being fully immersed in pleasant joyful spaces that are designed by your own people and designed for your own communities & individuals.

Join us online or schedule our team to travel to your site to provide your group with Mohawk Language XR demos, info & training that range from high level overviews, to artist friendly solutions, to extremely technical engineering details (depending on your group’s interests).

BRING YOUR OWN: Laptop, Mobile Device, Power / Charging Cables, Your Questions, Curiosity, Ideas.

No Experience Required.

Akwesasneron, Onkwehonwe, Indigenous with any type of experience, knowledge, ideas, skills, ages, genders, beliefs are welcome. Children must be accompanied by their parent / guardian at all times.


  • Onkwehonwehneha A.I. : Native ways of doing, Ancient Intelligence guiding Artificial Intelligence.
  • Find out how to make your own Mohawk Language Tech Solutions.
  • Mohawk Language Chatbots, AR, VR, AI, 3D and more.
  • Options, features, requirements (equipment, software, skills).
  • Costs: build, maintain, train, update, marketing, legal, etc
  • Who is hiring for these high demand, high paying skills & projects?
  • What is the typical compensation for these high demand skills?

Check out what Onkwehonwe all around the planet are doing to revive & retain their own languages & culture while respecting their own protocols, collaborating with their own elders.

Akwesasneron have been diligently working to preserve & document for many years.

It’s time to do the next phase of work of Revival & Retention on an individual, family and community level 🙂

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Software Architect 35+ years. Tech Trainer 30+ years. Tech Writer 30+ years. XR Producer / Artist 10+ years.
Oculus, Vive, iOS, Android, ARCore, ARKit, Unity3D, XCode, Android Studio,, FB SDK, Open-Source, Closed Source, AIBot API,