Wakhskaré:wake I am Bear Clan

I make art for the Kanien’kéha phrases and words I want to speak more about. Making the art and displaying it engages my mind, voice, muscles and so much more than just passively reading. Putting all of our senses into Kanien’kéha revival is a much more effective way to learn because our human bodies are not designed to sit and stare at computer screens for long periods of time. The better options for reviving and gaining confidence to speak Kanien’kéha out loud with our own voices is to literally just use our own voice to speak – whisper – sing – yell – speak with cartoon voices – dance – move – make art and engage all we are as a human being into each word and phrase we are working on to commit to our own memory.

What kind of art are you making or plan to make to help you, your family and community make more opportunities to speak Kanien’kéha? Sometimes I only have time to put the Kanien’kéha phrases on sticky notes and post them all over the place (my office, home, car, kitchen, body, etc) but it is another effective way to design my own language immersion environment.

I used Krita to design this one. Krita is free for everyone to use on their own computers and tablets.

Tip: Find fluent speakers that will discuss the content on this piece of art with you. Practice speaking the phrases with your own voice so that you can just say the phrases around Kanien’kéha speakers with enough confidence and an open mind if they hear you and have time to help you with your pronunciation and understanding. We all have the internet, social media, phones, video conferencing, audio text messaging that makes it possible for us to speak Kanien’kéha anytime anyplace with anyone.

Wakhskaré:wake  I am Bear Clan

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