XR Indigenous Language & Culture: Podcast

XR Indigenous Language & Culture 4 Episodes:

Each episode is about 15 minutes.

Ellen Dornan, Craig Goldsmith and I talked about MohawkLanguage.ca , Treaties, Sovereignty, Indigenous Language Revival Projects : AI, Bots, XR, AR, VR

Episode 1: There’s No Shame in Being an A.I. https://augmented.nmhumanities.org/audio/AugmentedHumanity_Prog022_Seg01.mp3

Episode 2: Extending Reality with Native Spaces https://augmented.nmhumanities.org/audio/AugmentedHumanity_Prog022_Seg03.mp3

Episode 3: Nothing About Us Without Us https://augmented.nmhumanities.org/audio/AugmentedHumanity_Prog022_Seg03.mp3

Episode 4: Natural Law & AI https://augmented.nmhumanities.org/audio/AugmentedHumanity_Prog022_Seg04.mp3

All Podcast Episodes https://nmhumanities.org/Podcast/#

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