Iethihsothokón:’a Ratiwé:ras ⛈️

Use your voice to pronounce this 5 times in a row. Slowly pronounce each section clearly. Pronounce each section clearly a little faster with each time you speak until you can pronounce it clearly at a normal pace of speaking. Sing it, yell it, whisper it and keep pronouncing it clearly. That’s how you gain muscle memory, gain confidence to speak it & discuss the details about this phrase with fluent Kanien’kéha speakers, mentors and teachers.

No literal translations on website because placing colonial definitions & worldviews onto Kanien’keha is not accurate, it is a form of colonization.

Hire & compensate fluent Kanien’keha speakers, mentors, teachers to discuss Kanien’keha words, phrases, culture, communities, issues with a phone call or online.

MoniGarr acknowledges support from Canada Council for the Arts. Nia:wen!

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